Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ownership Society and the evolution of Social Darwinism

Crooked Timber has some interesting comments on Barak Obama and John Edwards.

The Obama quote that caught my attention was his making the 'social darwinism' to 'ownership society' connection. I'd wondered when this would come up, I'm glad to see it emerge now. Just as Creationism 'evolved' into 'intelligent design', so too has 'social darwinism' evolved into 'the ownership society'. Kudos for Barak Obama for launching this meme.

CT also links to John Edwards. What did you think Edwards was doing? I'll bet you didn't know he's launched a guerilla war on poverty? Hmm. Dean and Edwards in 2008? They might get Jimmy Carter's vote. Four more years of Bush might make economic populism a winning solution.

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