Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alito and Roe vs. Wade

As a resident commie socialist pinko democrat, I feel compelled to say something about Alito and Roe vs. Wade.

First, I like the comments that this is now Kennedy's court. He's the swing vote as the court moves right. Kennedy is usually considered a libertarian. We could do much worse. Alas, I get the feeling not everyone on the liberal bloc is necessarily immortal.

Secondly, since Kennedy has affirmed Roe V. Wade, it will probably survive. The GOP should be immensely relieved. Irregardless of whether one thinks abortion should be funded by medicaid, or available to the wealthy only, or illegal entirely, Roe v. Wade is hugely valuable to the GOP. It's a primary rallying point for much of their base.

On the other hand, cynical Dems, suffering in our dim dungeons, would secretly, oh so secretly, love to see Roe v. Wade go away. To the non-specialist it seems like have a rather peculiar legal foundation, and losing Roe is a big win for the Democratic base. The fight would then shift to the federal and state legislatures, and I think Dems would win some red states as a result.

Alas, the GOP knows they need Roe. It won't go away.

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