Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gilded Age II

Joseph Nocera writes in NYT Business (TimesSelect):
... from 2000 to 2003 the total compensation of the five best-paid officers of all publicly held companies amounted to 10 percent of corporate earnings.
The futures market in American Socialism is up another five points. However the futures market in 'Servants are US' is up 100 points.

BTW, contary to predictions that the TimesSelect paywall would fall, it's holding. Interestingly, putting this kind of commentary behind the paywall has the presumably unintended consequence of lessening its social impact. That may account for the disproportionate grown in 'Servants are US'.

Personally, the more the Times goes behind the PayWall the more I'm inclined to pay. I didn't care for much of the OpEd (David Brooks is a smart moron, whatshername is a juvenile), but as the PayWall expands it does cover things I do care about. I don't mind paying for valuable content, they just weren't offering enough of value up until now.

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