Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hard core libertarian praising Ted Kennedy?

Wow. The end times must be near. A friend with libertarian sympathies sends me a link to a libertarian pundit -- praising (albeit through clenched teeth) Ted Kennedy's criticisms of Alito:
Agreeing With Ted Kennedy by Anthony Gregory:

... How sad it is that we have come to the point that we have to rely on Ted Kennedy to be the voice of reason on some of the most fundamental issues of the day. How frightening it is to be agreeing with Ted Kennedy and disagreeing with nearly the entire rightwing on these issues, all while most of the talking heads ignore them nearly completely...
Rockwell's Kennedy quotes are great, and, yes, I agree the media ignored them. The mainstream media is plumbing new depths of inadequacy every day; blogs are helping but they're no replacement. We are hurting because the Fifth estate is in the toilet.

As to Alito, forget Roe vs. Wade. Alito is bad because he believes the American President can have the powers of a tyrant -- at least when the president is Republican. I rather doubt his sentiments would extend to a Democrat.

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