Saturday, January 21, 2006

Search engines for Patriots

The same government that gave us the extra-legal NSA searches, has also extracted mass search data from MSN, AOL, and Yahoo -- but not Google.

Nobody is all that shocked. When you're online, everyone knows you're a pervert. Expectations of privacy are amusing. As is this satirical web search service:
Patriot Search - Our Search Syntax

The Terrorist Operator

By typing terrorist:true preceding any search query, you tell us and the governments of the world that you are in fact a terrorist, or involved in terrorist activity, or planning to get involved in such activity, or that you once met a terrorist (or you met someone who met a terrorist). If you are no terrorist, you can type terrorist:false. Please note that 'true' is the default value if you
omit the 'terrorist' operator -- after all, everyone is a potential terrorist.
The Bushies just like to watch.

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