Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The best commentary on the state of the union address

Fafblog is marvelous ...
Fafblog! The State of the Universe Address

...Would you take all that away by letting isolationist courts tax the Jesus fetus? Never! Because history is written in courage, and courage will remember us in the future how we were today: pandering, desperate and barely coherent!
My prediction on the Bush health care plan ...

The smart Republican (they're all dead now, but they once existed) thing to do would be to eliminate the corporate tax break for health insurance and apply the funds to a mixture of subsidies and individual tax breaks. That would be a Reagan type of move -- the guy who brought us the Earned Income Tax Credit. (I used to think Reagan was an idiot. True, he was demented during his second term, but compared to Bush II he was a brilliant pillar of light.)

Instead, Bush the Incoherent will introduce a meaningless tax credit that will complicate the tax code, transfer wealth from the Weak to the Strong, worsen the deficit, and have no material impact on healthcare.

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