Thursday, March 02, 2006

Obsidian Wings on Scientology

Obsidian Wings has a nice set of links to several recent Scientology articles. This has long been an interest of mine. Salon also did a great series last year.

Scientology seems to be moderating, they don't seem to go after journalists with their old savagery. Maybe they're afraid of qualifying for a watch list, but more likely they're following an ancient trail most recently blazed by Mormonism and newer systems migrating from cult to faith.

All worth reading for students of theology and humanity.

Update 3/2/06: Since my initial post I read through the key Rolling Stone article. Superb journalism. LRH's death sounds fairly grim, I suspect his lifelong psychiatric disorder (?schizophrenia) had gotten the better of him. The will that transferred all his assets to the church sounds rather suspicious.

Most sad of all, and reminescent of Jon Krakauer's history of the Mormon Fundamentalism, are the stories of how the church uses family relationships to silence its critics. A cruel and not terribly effective strategy. That cruelty may explain why membership appears to be dwindling.

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