Saturday, April 01, 2006

Slashdot: OMG Ponies!

WTF?! Was my first thought. Had someone stolen Slashdot's domain?

Pink? Hearts? A survey on whether "Poneys" or iBooks were cuter? What an insult to the original hard core geek web site.

The effect only lasted a few seconds, but it was great fun as I realized the date. I love when that happens, but of course it really only works first thing in the morning.

A wonderful project, lovingly done. They must have spent months on it, there's a lot to explore.

Update 4/1: Alas, it was not all so well done. My wife reports parts of the spoof were gross in a "14 yo unwashed male geek" sort of way. A sign that Slashdot is well into a senile decline?

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