Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The evolution of Christianity: a feature of the Da Vinci code

I've not read the famous novel and might never get to it, but something good has come of it. Theologians have been compelled by the book's back story to explain how Christian thought developed before 500 AD.

It's a fascinating tale. I'd like to read some of the wannabe gospels that didn't make it into the Book. Gnostic shmostic, what about Philip, Thomas, Mary, Didache and Hermas? I suspect the book's success will give those writings a platform.

I am left, however, as the author no doubt intended, with the impression that Dan Brown was perhaps trying to push an odd agenda as well as tell a fun story. Given the number of people who bought into the Left Behind narrative I'm sure there are millions that will believe just about anything ...

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