Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I was wrong: we are not pathetic

I wrote:
Gordon's Notes: A conspiracy for fantasy: Moussaoui

...Richard Reid, that sad retarded schizophrenic, was to have been the copilot with Moussaoui. It's the perfect note of mocking hilarity for the musical that will be written about the trial and execution.

Our national state is now passing pathetic.
Today a jury proved me wrong. We are not pathetic.

Seven days of deliberation, and they decided this evil, mentally ill and deluded man (is he lying if he believes his delusions?) did not meet the legal standard for execution. This jury deserves a medal for restoring some honor to America.

Update 5/4/06: Hmm. From what I read of the jury deliberations so far we may not be pathetic, but we are seriously confused. They believed that he was to fly with Richard Reid? My impression has been that no-one of significance in our security forces actually believes that the old al Qaeda would have been stupid enough to try something with Reid and Moussaoui. Now is a different story, al Qaeda seems to be scraping up anything they can find. Ahh, one should not trust initialreports! The BBC says the decision was not unamimous, and in particular ...
Three jurors felt his knowledge of the 9/11 plot was limited and three jurors said that if he was involved in the attacks, his role was a minor one.
Ahh, yes. That's more like it. Among the jury, there were three rationalists, and that was more than enough. Praise be.

Update 5/4/06: Or not. I give up.

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