Sunday, May 07, 2006

Origami: Microsoft lays another brick egg

Origami is now the "Ultra Mobile PC". You can buy one (Pogue, via Follow Me Here), but I recommend CARE.ORG as a better way to dispose of money.

I'd feel sorry for Microsoft, if Microsoft weren't an immensely powerful monopoly that escaped justice by "legal" bribery. Ironically, if Gore had won in 2000 Microsoft would have been split into two companies -- and the children would likely be far more effective today.

How can a corporation with so many brilliant and industrious employees be so dysfunctional? Theories abound. I've read that they have a lot of misdirected middle and upper managers. I suspect Balmer is a poor choice for a leader -- too ruthless and amoral for a monitored monopoly. I wonder about the hangover of their glory days, when so many became rich and either left -- or remain now as an odd aristocracy. Ultimately, thought, I think there's something fundamentally disheartening about earning billions irregardless of effort or result. It's the same disease that afflicts so many oil-rich nations.

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