Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter Goss resigns: Hookers, spies and the GOP

When I metablogged on an Obsidian Wings post, I was too delicate to mention that the slander blogs were implicating Porter Goss, CIA director, in the Duke Cunningham/GOP Hookergate scandal.

I did not imagine he would resign a few days later.

Bush and the GOP have converted mad ravings into mundane speculation. There is now no rumor so outrageous and incredible that it can be immediately dismissed. What an astounding accomplishment.

What else will we find in this can of worms? I am fairly sure the NYT won't uncover any of it, I think the WSJ might, I'm sure the bloggers will not rest. Let loose the dogs ...

Update 5/4: Obsidian Wings has more.

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