Friday, May 12, 2006

Using father's dna to catch the son

This is not surprising. Criminality runs in families. Use a (former) crook to catch a crook..

Here's how it works. We take DNA samples from criminals when convicted. Later we find DNA samples at crime scenes. The proposal is that if past criminal's DNA resembles that found on a crime scene, we should test the criminal's relatives. One of them is likely the culprit. The implication is that the testing might not be voluntary.

FuturePundit likes this idea.

Of course, even if this were a good idea (I dislike it), it wouldn't end there. Inevitably, everyone's DNA would be on file.

Eventually we'd analyze the DNA to identify hi risk persons. They would need to be monitored. At first. Then they'd need to be sterilized....

They say the first kill is the hardest. The next steps are always easier. Before you know it ...

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