Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New York Times for free? Use the library

FMH writes about the hidden power of the library account:
Follow Me Here... : 06/25/2006 - 07/01/2006

... I just logged onto the Brookline (MA) library site and discovered I have free searchable access to the full text of all New York Times and Boston Globe articles, for starters. I have paid, oh I don't know, $3 or $5 to the Times or the Globe when I have needed to download an article in the past...
University students and some alumni organizations provide similar benefits. FMH points out that one can often obtain an out-of-area library cards for a small amount of money. In practice the library databases and access systems are often archaic and painful to use, but there's a chance that will improve.


Anonymous said...

Librarians and their vendors (sometimes people are both at once :) devote their lives to making access easier for library patrons. So I hope there is more than a chance that they will improve. Yes, use the library!!

Love, your librarian/library vendor sister-in-law

JGF said...

Hi Nettie! I was thinking I would send you a note about this one, it never occurred to me that you read this thing.

That does make me wonder how many people read the blog. I usually assume about 10, but I've gotten hints lately that I'm underestimating ...

We're looking forward to seeing all the family in August!