Thursday, July 13, 2006

Democrat fund raising: incompetence or dirty tricks?

We worked pretty hard for the Kerry campaign. Our reward now is relentless spam from Minnesota DFL candidates and phone calls from other groups claiming to be related to democratic candidates. I believe the political parties are exempt from the telemarketer laws, so they have free rein. It's so obnoxious my wife jokes that these must be undercover GOP initiatives, trying to drive away funding for liberal candidates.

Well, full credit to the tricksters if there are any -- it's working. I suspect, however, that this is the result of sheer, unadulterated, incompetence and stupidity rather than sabotage.

I bet the GOP isn't nearly this braindead about exploiting their donors.

If there are any grown-ups with influence in dem fund raising -- wake-up! You're going to drive the party off a cliff. Stop the spam (the 'take me off your list' links only work transiently, we get added back in periodically), stop the calls, rethink this.

Or maybe it's all Libertarian tricksters ...

PS. The Dems should take some lessons from CARE Intl. When we first sent them a donation I wrote that I'd stop the moment they bugged me for more. They put me on some kind of 'if you call this guy you die' list -- we never get anything. Every year they get their check.

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