Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Managing North Korea: the special needs approach

This recommendation sounds a lot like the methods used to train exotic animals and some children:
Early Warning by William M. Arkin -

... North Korea definitely shouldn’t be rewarded for its tantrum, and punishing it is also a certain type of reward. No instead, we should cautiously ignore the Muddled Kingdom, work to remove it from the front pages, let its neighbors take the diplomatic lead, shake our heads in exasperation at what can only be described as really bad behavior of no true consequence, and then build a strategy to eliminate the country Eastern European-style, circa 1990.
I'd say give it just enough attention that it feels it's gotten some attention (lest it keep acting out seeking more), but keep it modest. Meanwhile it's all about Cold War II and doing everything possible to cause the North Korean government to collapse. I suspect we've given up on the idea of a 'go gentle while the NK slowly reform' and moved to 'collapse the state as quickly as possible'.

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