Sunday, August 06, 2006

Obesity, nutrition facts and corrupted government

Act One: Obese senator decries the sorry state of American's children.

Act Two: Nutrition Facts on Tortilla Chips package
Serving Size: 11 chips
Servings per container: 2 3/4
Calories per serving: 150
  1. It's likely that fewer than 1/10 Americans can multiply 2.75 * 150 to figure out how many calories this bag contains (about 415).
  2. This bag is likely most often consumed by one person at one sitting -- with cheese dip.
  3. In the US "Nutrition Facts" are a federal mandate.
Ergo one may deduce:
  1. The federal government is exceedingly corrupt, as well as incidentally hypocritical.
I probably don't need to explain how this inferential chain to my eccentric readership, but for the record the trick of displaying calories per serving on a label, and then declaring that a single user package has a non-integer serving size > 1, is an obviously evil attempt to hide how caloric content. That's fine, the market demands evil. It's the obvious political corruption that's more noteworthy.

Why corruption? The proof of corruption is that the fix for this fraud is simply to require that the "Nutrition Facts" also display the Calories per container. This fix has never been made. It's the absence of the obvious fix that proves the corruption.

We are getting the government we deserve, and evidently we've been really, really, bad.

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