Friday, September 29, 2006

Paul Graham: a big thinker in the world of software development

A brilliant colleague of mine recently recommended I review some of the writings of Paul Graham, in particular a famous essay Hackers and Painters and also the rest of his essay collection. The essays are primarily about creating a software business, also an interest of mine. You know he has to be good, because he recently returned to OS X.

Beyond the direct interest of Mr. Graham’s work, a few observations about the new world:

  • The famous essay, which has been widely read, has never been published except on the web.
  • My Graham doesn’t bother with RSS feeds, but two fans have created unofficial but “blessed” feeds that point to new essays. In our new world, there are creators and communicators and creator/communicators. All roles are valued. I added Joseph Grossberg’s feed to my Bloglines collection, then from there found an interesting comment by another blogger, and added him as well. Thus does the network grow.

My colleague, btw, is a creator but not a communicator…

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