Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vinge and Kurzweil on the Singularity

Update: It's Vinge and Doctorow, now Vinge and Kurzweil.

David Brin pointed to KurzweilAI note marketing Vinge and Kurzweil talking to NPR about the 'rapture of the nerds' (aka, the "singularity".

Kurzweil is a brilliant eccentric who seems a bit off-base to me, but I'm quite fond of Vinge's writings [1]. It will be interesting to here what the two of them say when stuck together. I'll have to use Audio Hijack Pro to make this a bookmarkable AAC file for my iPod(s).

If I do get to listen to the show, I'll add some comments here.

[1] Vinge is usually considered the 'father of the Singularity' and he's written the best fiction on the topic, but Greg Bear's original 'Blood Music' short story (not the later novel) was probably the first writer to connect a (squishy) Singularity to the Great Silence.

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