Monday, September 04, 2006

Windows Live OneCare: Firefox? What's that?

This is what Firefox users get when they sign up for the Windows Live OneCare trial:
In order to complete installation of Windows Live OneCare, you must be running Internet Explorer 6 or later as your Web browser. Please switch to Internet Explorer and then restart Setup by typing into the browser address field.
Antitrust? What antitrust? That's ancient history. The old restraints are fading fast. It's kind of sweet to see the old rabid pit bull back, even if it is showing signs lately of corporate dementia.

Live OneCare will eliminate all other consumer antiviral solutions within 1-2 years. You can't run a PC without antiviral software, and you can't run OneCare without IE. What's complex about that?

No problem here. I'll fire up my old copy of IE and install. We're an OS X household mostly, one day XP will run only as an occasional session within OS X. Microsoft will own that XP/Vista environment completely. I don't have a dog in that fight (I used to, but the rabid pit bull finished it off).

Update 9/26: I tried OneCare for a month or so -- free. It's really not ready for release. It's too hard to turn it off or control it, and it's too mysterious. Tries to hard to be invisible.

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Anonymous said...

It makes it difficult to run the scan when a virus on your computer has taken control over IE and won't let you access it. I wish the rabid pit bull would be cured so I could use Firefox or another browser instead.