Friday, October 27, 2006

Family Medicine Notes and Pycnogenol: Is Jacob testing me?

Jacob wrote:
Family Medicine Notes

Pycnogenol for ADHD?
Not clear what's up with this .. here's a placeholder for more review ..
I tried to reply, but his comment system is broken. (Requires TypeKey authentication but doesn't support it ...). So, Jacob, here's the comment:
Uh, Jacob - you are testing to see if I'm reading, right?

This substance has never been screened for toxicity, drug interactions, side-effects, etc. If it actually has enough pharmaceutical activity to rival Ritalin it scares the pants off me. Ritalin is an unreasonably safe medication, almost nothing of like effectiveness is that non-toxic.

Interesting from a drug development perspective.

Terrifying from the viewpoint of an rationalist and ethical clinician.

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