Sunday, October 01, 2006

Khmer America: The fellowship of the waterboard

Recently the GOP legalized waterboarding. Today Crooked Timber provides us some historic context. The United States of America has joined the illustrious Khmer Rouge in the Fellowship of the Waterboard ...
Crooked Timber: What Waterboarding Looks Like:

The current administration is out there on torture together with the ******* Khmer Rouge.

and in comments ..

... Am I the only one here disgusted by this repulsive attempt to imply moral equivalence between our democratic torture, torture for the sake of liberty, democracy, Judeochristianity and free markets – with Khmer Rouge’s godless, evil, anti-market torture?...
May the ghosts of Cambodia visit the dreams of Vlad Bush.

Note that McCain voted for the torture bill. I would like to repeat that. McCain voted for this bill. On a day of infamy, that was a particularly sad note. With that act, he destroyed the reputation of a lifetime.

In the last election American Catholics swung towards Bush. The GOP has failed yet another test, how will the Catholic church respond this time? Will the religious right begin to wonder if they've chosen the wrong champion?

BTW, the October surprise? A direct attack on Roe V. Wade -- something to make the religious right forget the torture bill. (Incidentally, I think it is time for RVW to pass into history, but the October action will be done in the worse possible way ...)

PS. Regular readers note this is the first obscenity ever to appear in the posts of CT. There's cause.

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