Friday, October 27, 2006

What we've learned from torture

More information is coming out about the use of torture and physical abuse in US secret prisons on German soil. An article in Stern led this comment:
Shrillblog: Tim F. Joins Us!

Tim F: The only positive thing that I can draw from this sad period of American history, now we know who are the closet sadists and the authoritarian followers waiting for the right regime under whose thumb to subsume their will. Smile for the camera, guys.
It's a good statement. Now we know. All of that "never again", "not here" stuff -- it's finally gone from the American dialog. It didn't take much -- barely a shove knocked us off our Potemkin pedestal.

I suppose the bright side is that every country now knows they will spared annoying lectures about virtuous behavior. If any American official tries it, the hilarity will be genuine. Nice to know there's a silver lining.

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