Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bush: something good?!!

Greg Mankiw's notes that Bush has a healthcare proposal
that moves us away from employer-purchased health insurance. I reply:
Hell has frozen. Someone is addressing the pathologic tie between employers and health insurance, and it's a man renowned for his incompetence and malign leadership -- GW Bush.

I'm certain whatever he really proposes will be a monstrous screw-up or a feint to cover for some malign measure, but the summary being circulated is right and good.
I know Bush will screw this up. There's a chance though, that with a democratic congress something good may come of this.

Any fix for American healthcare will displease a large portion of the middle-class. So any fundamental fix is political poison. It won't happen.

Fixing the employment-healthcare bond, however, is politically feasible. It would be a great leap forward.

1/25/07: I did say I knew Bush would screw this up.

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