Thursday, January 25, 2007

The NeXT Years: Steve Job

Holy cow. The NeXT Years: Steve Jobs is not exactly the CEO story one reads in the Harvard Business Review. It's a raw mess of chaos, brilliance, randomness and mass delusion that somehow produced a vast amount of wealth -- for someone. Even Canon might have got a bit of their NeXT investment back.

The article is all about Jobs, who is both appalling and fascinating in roughly equal measures. It's obvious there are some other very important minds that are doing the real work under the radar, but their stories are probably less scandalous.

Despite himself, Jobs ends up being inspirational. He was despised, discarded and abandoned, but he kept coming back. It's a story worth remembering when misfortune strikes; it's truer and more useful than the usual fraudulent tales of CEO perfection.

I wonder what Jobs parents make of him ...

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