Saturday, February 03, 2007

Messiah Cruise and the glass houses

Mofford reacts to "The Messiah Cruise" with his characteristic salaciousness:
Is Tom Cruise The Messiah? / The Church of Scientology certainly thinks so. What if they're oh-so-horrifically right?:

... What if the astonishing proclamation made by top gooberhead Scientologist (and official Friend of Tom) David Miscavige is urgent and accurate and Tom Cruise really is that happy cult's personal Jesus, a true deity who may not be recognized in this lifetime for his divine contributions but who, in the future, will be 'worshipped like Jesus' for what he has done for humankind and therefore we have all been looking at 'Jerry McGuire' and 'Days of Thunder' and 'MI:III' exactly wrong?

Can you imagine? No? Me neither. Here, try this bottle of Ambien and this forced ingestion of 3,000 powdered copies of Us Weekly and this enthusiastic partial lobotomy. There. Can you imagine now? Excellent...
It's easy to mock scientology, the peculiar mind of its founder, and its alien engrammatic infestations, but is it really much more odd than ultra-high-tech warfare in the ancient americas? Are the Nephites all that more peculiar than deities mating with human females (virgin or not)? Is supernatural parenthood all that more unusual than the idea that humans have some universal right to power over, say, slugs?

Really, it's glass houses all the way down.

Maybe in a thousand years Tom Cruise will look pretty good. Personally, I doubt it, but I am reasonably sure stranger things have happened.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, don't acknowledge The Sun bullshit story. Even the church of scientology denied it.
It's just an opportunity the media are taking to trash Cruise again.