Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dyer has seven new articles - and an improved web page

Dyer has seven new articles online:

January 4

Struggle Against 'War on Drugs'

January 9

Scotland's Unhappy 300th

January 10

Iraq: No Change of Strategy

January 15 Russia, Europe and Energy

January 18 Frangleterre

January 22

China's Satellite Killer

January 26 The Martyrdom of Hrant Dink

The good news is he's now using true html on his amateur site. The bad news is there's still no syndication feed.

Update 2/1/07: Alas, the articles are still ancient html hacks. At least one doesn't render on Firefox, probably due to a tag error. Can someone please buy Dyer a (free) blog?

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