Monday, February 05, 2007

Salon: another spook speaks out

Yawn. Yet another spy points out the extraordinary incompetence and banal nastiness of the Bush administration. Nothing new here but I liked this comment on what happens when Cheney/Bush let loose the dogs of war...
Bush and Cheney's dirty secrets | Salon News

... From the perspective of the White House, it was smart to blur the lines about what was acceptable and what was not in the war on terrorism. It meant that whenever someone was overzealous in some dark interrogation cell, President Bush and his entourage could blame someone else. The rendition teams are drawn from paramilitary officers who are brave and colorful. They are the men who went into Baghdad before the bombs and into Afghanistan before the army. If they didn't do paramilitary actions for a living, they would probably be robbing banks. Perhaps the Bush administration deliberately created a gray area on renditions.
Robbing banks?

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