Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Google's DRM: two licenses for Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus, I've discovered, is licensed for only two machines per user account.

I found this out when it stopped working -- on every machine! I'd been using it on my two machines at work and my 3 machines at home. Evidently Google doesn't expect people to have more than one machine, even though I was the only user on each machine.

Google, surprisingly, responded to my email after a delay of merely a few days. They supposedly reset my account, but it didn't work.

I've asked them for my money back -- I'll stick to the free version for now. It's their right to enforce their license of course, but I'd grown used to getting away with the old Borland license (anything goes as long as the registered user is using it). I'll have to start paying attention to license restrictions now, and putting products like Google Earth Plus on my black list.

It's only a matter of time before some helpful person puts together a list of products like GE Plus that we all need to avoid ...

Update 3/15/07: I've canceled my subscription. To Google's credit they will refund a prorated portion of my subscription fee. On the other hand the form requires me to give a reason for canceling -- and none of the allowed options apply.

Update 3/16/07: I deleted Google Earth, downloaded the latest version, and still got the notice that I was suspended for using Google Earth Plus on too many machines. The trick, which Google might have mentioned, is simply to delete GE's plist (OS X). I searched for 'Google Earth' with Spotlight, found the file and deleted it. Now I'm a regular GE user again. seems a bit odd to me. Th

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