Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to fight the Cheney/Bush torture machine -- assault the weak points

I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner. It handn't occurred to me. The American Psychological Association is a legitimate target for non-violent pressure -- starting with shame....
Hamilton Spectator - News

... next step -- we need to metaphorically kneecap the doctors, nurses and psychologists working on the literal kneecappings within Guantanamo Bay. Every one of these interrogations is supervised by people who have sworn a Hippocratic oath to do no harm. They should be immediately stripped of their medical licences. The American Psychological Association (APA) has refused to do this. In an attempt to bargain for more cash and influence from the Pentagon, the APA have even placed a loophole in their ethics code that allows any supposedly legal military order to supercede all the other rules: effectively, the Nuremberg Defence. An organization representing liberal professionals should be easier to shame than the Bush White House; if we can, we can severely hinder the smooth operation of these torture chambers.
I'd have preferred a word other than "kneecap", even when preceded by "metaphorically". APA members should be threatening to resign en masse, if they aren't doing that then they are playing abetting torture.

I'm going to write the American Academy of Family Practice and ask what the AAFP's policy is in participation in government sanctioned torture. If I get a response I'll post it here. If I don't, I'll post that instead.

One caveat. Licensure is typically set by the state, not by a professional organization. The board organizations, however, can take a stance.

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