Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Calvinist theology: from Garrison Keillor

Much has been made of Bush's neo-Calvinism, but this summary of Calvinist doctrine is new to me...
The chosen president | Garrison Keilor

...Calvinism, as all of you Calvinists know, is based on five points of doctrine, which spell out the word 'TULIP' -- total depravity (everybody is sinful), unconditional election (God chooses who'll be saved, it's not up to you), limited atonement (Jesus didn't die for everybody, just for the chosen), irresistible grace (if God chooses you, you're saved, you can't resist) and perseverance of the saints (once saved, always saved, no matter what you do).
I didn't know about the L and the P. What a merciless, cruel faith. That's a God to fear ...

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