Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cheney/Bush and torture - now it's sensory deprivation

I wonder what they expect to get out of the prisoners now ...
BBC NEWS | Americas | Guantanamo conditions 'worsening': "

... The report, published on Thursday, said about 300 detainees are now being held at a new facility - known as Camp 5, Camp 6 and Camp Echo - comparable to 'super-max' high security units in the US.

The group said the facility had 'created even harsher and apparently more permanent conditions of extreme isolation and sensory deprivation'.

It said the detainees were reportedly confined to windowless cells for 22 hours a day, only allowed to exercise at night and could go for days without seeing daylight...
Smells like revenge.

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Anonymous said...


The taste is for inflicting pain
From which right-thinking souls refrain,
But, as the cohort will explain,
It must be done, "or else no gain."

Succinctly thus the hostile crew
Itself expresses; but the view
Terror and hatred only do
To counter terror, is not new.

(You thought Christ put the lie to rest,
But, as it seems, he knew not best--
So words of Neocons suggest
As keep him in the tomb cold pressed.)

Regardless the efficacy
Or not, their way is not for me:
I will not torture, neither be
A party to their villainy.

Aggressive war I must denounce,
And with each syllable pronounce
My opposition; though they trounce
Dissent, of truth they have no ounce.

(A body lain before a tank
May be profane with none to thank,
But though ´tis slain while keeping rank
Let heaven´s blessing prove no prank.)

This is Rat´s Alley
Dingy and smelly;
The cat O´Malley
Scratches his belly.