Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dyer on "300" - Iranians are wrong, right, and need not fear

Dyer, reviews the movie '300', without bothering to watch it (he seems to know Miller's comic, however, which is a bit curious). I love his conclusion:
... So the gallant Greek-Americans triumph over the evil Persians, and let that be a lesson to evil-doers everywhere. But our Iranian friends should not worry that this film is juicing American youth up for an invasion of their country, because the kids just won't get it. Down in the teenage bloodlust demographic, practically nobody knows that the Persians of ancient times and the Iranians of today are the same people.
I bet that even without bothering to watch the movie (he's in Cuba) that his conclusions are correct. 300 looks to the Iranians as a conspiracy to whip up the West against them, but it's really emergent rather than conspiratorial propaganda.

I suspect I'll pass on the movie myself, I've given up on getting hair on my chest.

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