Saturday, April 07, 2007

Theocrats in the justice department

A 34 yo GOP appointed US attorney in the twin cities area was in the news recently. Most of the senior members of the Rachel Paulose's office have requested demotions to avoid working with her. She's a right wing theocrat and friend of the infamous Ms. Goodling, the latest Bush appointee to fall in defense of Karl Rove
A Top Aide to the Attorney General Resigns - New York Times

... Ms. Goodling, 33, was not widely known before her refusal to testify. She is a 1995 graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., and received her law degree at Regent University in Virginia Beach, according to many Web site postings. Messiah describes itself as “committed to an embracing evangelical spirit,” while Regent was founded by the Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson...
I wonder how widespread the GOP practice of seeding right wing theocrats into justice department positions is ...

Update 4/29/07: There's a thoughtful comment on this post from a Messiah alumn that's worth reading.

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Anonymous said...


As a graduate of Messiah College, I believe you have misinterpreted the mission of the college. The goal is to educate people in both an academic and spiritual sense. This does not mean indoctrination or creation of theocrats. The idea is to create an educated Christian. Ms. Goodling's personal intent may be to usher in a new, Bush-led, Christian Right, but that is not the aim of the college. Creating a Christian who critically views his or her world is the goal.

I hope this comment is understood in the spirit in which it was intended.