Saturday, May 12, 2007

Climate change: the optimist's case

Der Spiegel presents the optimists case for global warming. There's a great deal of spin in the dramatic presentation, the underlying data they reference is pretty conventional. Faster than expected arctic melting, considerable Greenland melting, sea level rise @ 20 inches. The primary difference is they claim current models show less African drought and more American drought, and they discount any diversion of major Atlantic temperature flows.

They seem to be arguing against 'An Inconvenient Truth', which was a dramatization of a worst case scenario, but was based on models of several years old. The worst of the Spiegel article is a muddled implication that warming is good for all existing animal species, which is simply whacko.

I think they're arguing that we don't need to slow CO2 production, but I think the models they reference are based on limiting CO2 output ...

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