Friday, May 18, 2007

Don’t Blame Bush, the enemy is us

Romney, Giuliani and every GOP candidate save McCain have come out in favor of torture, national surveillance, suspension of law and brutality. The GOP core is enthused.

Krugman points out the obvious, Bush is aligned with his base. He has been a disaster, but he accurately reflects the modern GOP. The GOP, of course, also reflects a chunk of America:
Don’t Blame Bush - New York Times

....What we need to realize is that the infamous “Bush bubble,” the administration’s no-reality zone, extends a long way beyond the White House. Millions of Americans believe that patriotic torturers are keeping us safe, that there’s a vast Islamic axis of evil, that victory in Iraq is just around the corner, that Bush appointees are doing a heckuva job — and that news reports contradicting these beliefs reflect liberal media bias.

And the Republican nomination will go either to someone who shares these beliefs, and would therefore run the country the same way Mr. Bush has, or to a very, very good liar...
No matter the name of the GOP candidate running in 2008 (it won't be McCain), the policies will be those of a sick party. More Bush, in other words.

The GOP needs 10 years in the wilderness to rebuild and reform.


Anonymous said...

Uh wrong

JGF said...

No kidding.

"It won't be McCain".

On the other hand, the McCain of May 18 2007 opposed torture. The McCain of May 2008 supports torture in the cause of the righteous.

So maybe McCain 2008 and McCain 2007 are different people.

I should have written, it won't be McCain 2007 ...