Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Experiments in employment: DoMyStuff

This will be most interesting when you're able to hire a very smart person from a nation where a good wage is $5/day.
Website Does Your Stuff

... DoMyStuff.com is as entertaining as it is easy to use. Unlike the other legitimate Work-at-Home web sites, DoMyStuff.com allows posting of the old-fashioned, “gal-Friday” type of jobs. From grocery shopping to laundry, babysitting to mowing the lawn, changing the oil to arranging a party, you’ll see it on DoMyStuff.com...

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Unknown said...

I paid money to DoMyStuff.com so I could Bid on a Task. My account with DoMyStuff.com show $0.00, but my Visa card account show posted payment to DoMyStuff.com. The telephone number on their website doesn't work. They do not respond to my emails. There is no customer service.

As it is, it is annoying as DoMyStuff.com claims to be a valid company. The bottom line is, I'm out of money from my Visa card and no service from DoMyStuff.com.