Saturday, May 12, 2007

iPhone effect: cell phones do really suck

An investor web site shows the pre-launch effect of the iPhone on cellphone sales and carrier subscriptions. It's an unprecendented effect for an unavailable product that is going to take 1-2 iterations to truly succeed.

The only possible explanation is that today's cell phones suck. It's not just the RAZR, they're all bad. The good ones are gone, and the Treo carries the curse of a dead OS (Vista support in 2008?).

Consumers may not be able to articulate what's wrong with their phones, but they know they're bad. Apple is our only hope.

My Sprint contract expires in October, so I'll have a few months to see how bad iPhone 1.0 will be. I expect it will be pretty flaky, but Apple flaky may be good enough ...

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