Monday, May 07, 2007

UC advice on surviving a shooter

Schneier links to the PDF. Some excerpts (emphases mine):
  • If officers arrive on scene, community members should get out and move toward any Police vehicle when safe to do so while keeping their hands on top of their head and do exactly and immediately what the Police tell you to do.

  • Unless you are very close to an exit, don’t run through a long hall to get to one, you may encounter the gunmen or hostage taker. Don’t hide in restrooms!

  • If they do start shooting people, you need to make a choice, (at this point it is your choice) stay still and hope they don’t shoot you, run for an exit while zig-zaging, or even attack the shooter. This is very dangerous, but certainly no more then doing nothing and dying in place. A moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary one and the last thing that the shooter will expect is to be attacked by an unarmed person...
Hands on the head near police. No bathrooms. If he's shooting, move.

I doubt I'll ever need to know this, but ...

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