Saturday, June 16, 2007

Expensive toxic toy trains from ...

Well, where do you think they come from? 

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint - New York Times

... The affected Thomas toys were manufactured in China, which has come under fire recently for exporting a variety of goods, from pet food to toothpaste, that may pose safety or health hazards. “These are not cheap, plastic McDonald’s toys,” said Marian Goldstein of Maplewood, N.J., who spent more than $1,000 on her son’s Thomas collection, for toys that can cost $10 to $70 apiece. “But these are what is supposed to be a high-quality children’s toy.”

Ms. Goldstein’s 4-year-old son owns more than 40 pieces from the Thomas series, and seven of them were on the recall list, including the Sodor deluxe fire station, a footlong piece that is a little heavier than the average train...

Yawn. No surprises here. Lead Christmas light wiring, toxic fake flour in dog food, poisoned toothpaste, counterfeit medicines that don't work, counterfeit surgical supplies, fake glycerine that kills, etc, etc.

Not that there's a trend or anything.

Oh, yeah, and the toasters and such.

This time around the toy company has plausible deniability. That's not true going forward. Manufacturers now know what they can expect, if they're not assuming rampant fraud in China's marketplace then they're criminally negligent. Emphasis on the criminal part ...

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