Friday, June 29, 2007

Four new Dyer essays

Dyer 2007

June 14 The Islamic Republic of Gaza
June 18 Kosovo and the Law
June 21 China's Shoes
June 23 The Middle East After Iraq
Some points of interest from this series:
  • In 2006 China emitted 8% more CO2 than the US
  • Cement and coal are the two reasons China puts out far more CO2 per capita than it should
  • China, India and the US are playing a monstrous game of "chicken" on CO2 emissions
  • Dyer on Israel's future: "Israel faces another generation of confrontation and quite possibly of war, and the Palestinians face another generation of military occupation. Significant chunks of the Arab world face Islamist revolutions that would bring more poverty and a new kind of oppression. It is a mess, and it's too late to fix it.
  • Dyer is as pessimistic about Kosovo as he is about Israel, and he regrets ever supporting the US attack on Serbia. He sees it as a "precedent" for the invasion of Iraq. I think he's overestimating how much "precedent" Cheney/Bush needed.
Of the four essays the China one is by far the best and the Kosovo essay the weakest.

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