Sunday, July 01, 2007

Flash and Silverlight in the iPhone's crosshairs

There are two complementary articles out discussing the big time battle for control of the web's presentation layer. I wrote about this in my tech blog a week or two ago, but it's really more a technological and marketing battle than a "how to" issue -- hence the crossover to this one.

The first article is by Cringely. An AIR of Invisbility is about Abobe's flash descendant, once Apollo and now AIR. It's compact, responsive, and Cringely thinks it will beat Microsoft's Silverfish ... err ... Silverlight on the web and as the presentation layer for the post-PC era.

The second is by a Mac geek site, Roughly Drafted. RD thinks the iPhone's exclusion of Flash is the declaration of a war that Apple will win. It's a nice bit of work, I learned a few things about Flash and the Flash video codec.

My experiences with Adobe's products doesn't make me happy about them winning this battle. I might even prefer Silverlight, except that would be the death of the non-Microsoft web. Since Apple is pushing a suite of non-Apple standards that Google and Mozilla also favor, I hope they win, but I don't expect a knockout victory.

I don't think Silverlight will win -- with enemies like Google, Adobe, Apple and everyone else that's too much even for Microsoft. I hope.

I don't think Flash will die, I think Google will want to keep it around to fight Silverlight, but I could see it's advance slowing.

So I'm cautiously optimistic.

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