Monday, July 09, 2007

Waiting for the PDA version of the iPhone

 This was the first report I've read by someone who's actually looked at how well sync (doesn't) work on iPhone 1.0:

Macintouch iPhone report : Scott Mesch

... the iPhone does sync your calendar and address book, but only to a limited extent. It syncs the note field of each contact but only up to the first 256 characters or so. After that, it truncates all the rest of the notes. You also cannot search your contacts or notes. There is no To Do/Task list capability...

256 characters? That's so DOS 1.0.

Scott and I are out of step with the iPhone's market. In truth, the iPhone is far inferior to my obsolete Samsung i500 for the things I need to do. On the other hand, the i500 is gone and the iPhone has a future. So the world goes.

I'll be happier without my 450 Task items anyway - they only depress me. I'll just go back to writing on my forearm. And who cares about contacts when one has an iPhone to talk to ...

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