Friday, August 17, 2007

Gwynne Dyer - 9 essays - July through Aug 16 2007

Dyer has 9 new ones.

  1. Bangladesh: When Democracy Goes Bad
  2. The Turkish Election
  3. Libya, Bulgarians and Lockerbie
  4. Oil: $100 a Barrel -- or $200?
  5. Zimbabwe Meltdown
  6. Pakistan: Forecasts of Disaster
  7. Arctic Scramble
  8. Slow Forward
  9. "Boys Go To Baghdad..."

I'm convinced now he'll never add a syndication feed or otherwise update the web site. I think his may be the last site in the world serving "pages" as .txt files. I assume that's not a clever technique to prevent blogging/quoting, but you never know -- he may be curmudgeonly, but he's a very good writer.

Anyway, I've added a Dyer tag to Gordon's Notes -- if Blogger adds tag-specific RSS it will become a de facto Dyer feed.

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