Saturday, August 11, 2007

iPhone: my demands

My hunch is that the iPhone is more successful than many phones, but perhaps not as successful (yet) as Motorola's (evil) RAZR. So perhaps there's a chance that Apple is feeling "receptive".

I'm sure Jobs reads my blog daily, so I'll trot out my personal lists of demands. The non-negotiable ones need to be fixed before I can justify buying the iPhone.

  1. Copy, Cut, Paste.
  2. Search.
  3. Tasks at least comparable to the 1994 PalmPilot tasks.
  4. Synchronization with Outlook at least comparable to the modern Palm OS (in other words, flawed, but useable). A 256 character limit on contact comments is not acceptable.
  5. Run FileMaker Remote.
  6. Synchronize notes.
  7. Multi select and process for email
  8. Apple needs to fix the "international problem". It's ridiculously easy to run up a $1000 phone bill unintentionally when outside the US. The phone needs to provides a permission-only control over non-US EDGE access. (added 8/14/07)
  9. Secure data wipe so you can sell or donate an iPhone (added 6/08, promised with iPhone 2.0)
Wishes, not demands:
  1. A real calculator.
  2. Flatten the recessed headphone socket. (promised with iPhone 2)
  3. Site-selective synchronization - so can sync at both work and home, but not send home data to a work machine.
  4. Support for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  5. Video out - so I can use a larger display.
  6. Encrypted data stores.
  7. Third party app support (signed is ok)
  8. Flash support, but not from Adobe.
  9. GPS
  10. Custom ring and alert tones
  11. Allow file storage on the iPhone.
  12. Let the iPhone tether (bridge) a computer to the net. (added 9/5/07 in honor of Boingo, demoted to optional 6/08 in recognition that the phone companies hate this)

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