Saturday, August 04, 2007

Solving the china import problem; $1 million prize for each recall

Want to solve the China problem?
Why lead-tainted Chinese goods slip through despite U.S. recalls --

...Three decades after the federal government significantly toughened regulations on lead in children's products, American companies have yet to find a way to successfully screen the flood of imported products for the toxic metal.

The federal watchdog charged with ensuring they do so is overwhelmed and often ineffective. And the growing list of lead recalls of children's products underscores how the metal, slathered on with paint or mixed in with other raw materials, is more pervasive than many American consumers ever imagined...
It's not so hard.

Offer a $1 million prize to each person who detects a problem that triggers a product recall. I'll bet most of the prizes are won by Chinese entrepreneurs. Within 3 years the recalls would stop.

Next, I'll bring peace to the middle east.

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