Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do you know where your identities are?

Yes, this chap has more than most geezers, but you probably have more selves than you realize.
Gordon's Tech: Online identities: management and multiplication:

... I currently have manged 'major' identities at Amazon,,, Google Gmail/Blogger, LinkedIn, and, yes, even Facebook -- and those are only the ones I can remember right now. I debated including my Yahoo! identity in the mix, but unless Yahoo does something remarkable with Zimbra that's just a front for spammers. I do have a Microsoft Passport (or whatever they call that now) identity as well, but I try to forget that one. I used to have a .Mac identity, but Apple's .Mac hasn't delivered much value for money so that one is in abeyance. There are a myriad of 'unmanaged' lesser identities, and of course all my emails have some form of identity associated with them ...
It's the gold rush of the 21st century, each identity a piece of reputation management. Which ring will bind them all?

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