Saturday, September 01, 2007

The feeding of dog and primate: NYT Magazine's peek into the maze

NYT Magazine 9/2/07: They Eat What We Are reads like an excerpt from a much longer book. It's a small window into a large and complex enterprise - the business of industrial dog food. Mr Kaufman is studiously neutral, and he makes an interesting observation on how diet is diverging. Highly educated middle class diets are becoming "organic" and "natural" -- for both humans and their canine comrades. The other 80% of America is moving to an increasingly processed and industrial diet for both humans and canines, with technologies migrating from one species to another.

Kaufman only touches briefly on the melamine story, though it's obviously in the background.

There's too much here to fit into a NYT Magazine article, but the unacknowledged book should be quite interesting ...

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