Thursday, October 04, 2007

The GOP candidates: The Legion of Doom

Gail Collins, writing for the NYT, reminded me a bit of a voice I miss - Molly Ivins. Here's how she describes the GOP front runners...
Ah Newtie, We Hardly Knew Ye - New York Times

...The Democrats used to give their unsatisfactory lineups names like The Seven Dwarfs. What would you call this crowd of Republicans? The Legion of Doom?

The front-runners are all at least two entirely different politicians, and no voter can possibly avoid hating one version. John McCain, the maverick reformer, is now the Superhawk friend of Falwell who thinks Christianity is in the Constitution. The Rudy Giuliani who fought for gun control is now the guy who learned from 9/11 how important it is for Americans to pack heat. (Coming soon: Rudy explains how 9/11 taught him that homosexuality is wrong.) And you could fill an auditorium with all the Mitts we’ve got running around out there.

There is, however, only one Fred Thompson, and he appears to have been stuffed by a taxidermist...
Newt Gingrich would have livened things up, his withdrawal and the state of the candidates hints that the intelligent wing of the GOP have decided this cup is poisoned. If only I was sure these bozos were truly unelectable, but I lost my faith in the American people years ago.

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