Saturday, October 06, 2007

Microsoft's HealthVault: Only one question worth asking

There's only one question worth asking about Microsoft's HealthVault.

Microsoft, what are you doing to ensure I can move all of my HealthVault data seamlessly, with no loss of any meaning or value, to Google's "HealthVault", or that of US Bank, or Dr. Frankenstein's [1] HealthVault or ... ?

Well, you get the idea.

That's it. Every other question is a meaningless distraction.

[1] I met a Dr. Frankenstein many years ago. She was a charming family physician with a good sense of humor. I have also met Microsoft - often. I have no doubt who I'd prefer to operate my family's "HealthVault".


Mark Singh MD said...

After some research, I am of the understanding that HealthVault is a backend application. It is no PHR, but can be used to design a PHR. As far as security, who knows? Many of us do online banking, and have trust in this process. With my back account, every crook around the word would would see me as a target. With my healthcare data however, I doubt someone on the other side of the world would be interested.
Mark Singh MD

JGF said...

Thanks for the clarification Mark.

I'm not concerned about security -- I fear my insurance company far more than a healthcare hacker.